Yoshihiro Fujii


Current activities:

I have managed information-site of environmental finance matters mainly about Japanese market in both English and Japanese. Site name is ‘Finance GreenWatch’ http://financegreenwatch.org/

Also I have just launched new organization, named ‘Research Institute of Environmental Finance”(RIEF) which aims to research and analysis of impacts of environment and social factors among business activities.


Mr. Yoshihiro Fujii is a professor for the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies at Sophia University, Tokyo Japan. He specializes in environmental finance, corporate social responsibility, environmental policies of the European Union, and environmental journalism. He worked as a professional journalist at Nikkei (formally known as The Nihon Keizai Shimbun) more than 30 years, mainly covered with financial arena. After changing to an academism at 2006, he has been involved a lot of works concerned including a member of advisory committee of the Ministry of Environment in Japan, and he has now chaired the working group of green investment which aims to set up guideline for preparing newly listed market of renewable investments entities at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015. His most recent writings have been featured in the Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation (English).


My core areas are evolving both theoretical and practical fields of environmental finance, including making environmental financial products and services, and CSR matters in both business and municipality.

Email: yfchan[at]nifty.com, info[at]financegreenwatch.org, fujii[at]genv.sophia.ac.jp

Mobile: +81-90-8728-2311