Financing Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes


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The goal of this Network for Sustainable Financial Markets working group is to increase investment cash flows into the Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes. Financing Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes globally is a requirement under either a 2 ° C or 1.5 ° C scenario. This working group will focus on describing discrete financingpathways available to capital markets to finance global Climate Smart Landscapes. Activities include describing and proposing methods to incorporate Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes investments into portfolio management, developing tools that promote public price discovery and transaction information, assessing which financial tools exist and which tools need to be created, and methods to increase financing solutions for Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes.

The Financing Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes work stream addresses all global landscape opportunities to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to develop systems supporting landscape resiliency in face of climate change. Explicitly, Financing Climate Smart Landscapes and Seascapes includes forests, agriculture, freshwater and coastal resources, and oceans.